Community News lockdown information

Useful local contacts

Some useful contact details and information to keep handy during the crisis.

Lingfield chemist opening times are:

Monday to Friday: 10am to 1 pm and 2pm to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 1 pm and 2pm to 5pm 
Sunday: closed

Dormansland Post Office:

Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:00 to 15:30
Closed Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Lingfield support groups:

Lingfield Coronavirus Help Group

Dormansland support groups:

Dormansland Community Care 2020

Lingfield Community Library

The library is closed until further notice because of the Coronavirus pandemic and all activities have been cancelled. Loans have been extended until 1 July 2020 and any outstanding requests will be held for 10 days after the Library reopens. 
In the meantime, you can access all Surrey Libraries online resources, including:

Local businesses

We have a page dedicated to local businesses that are open at this time.


Geoff Ledden has become the Regional Coordinator for Lingfield and Dormansland Covid-19 Volunteers at the request of TVA, Tandridge Voluntary Action, a charity connected to Tandridge DC. Geoff is creating a database of trusted volunteers for whom he will be the point of contact with TVA & TDC and has a dedicated contact at TVA. He is working with the Parish Clerks in Lingfield & Dormansland as well as our Tandridge Councillors. If you would like to volunteer get in touch with Geoff on this email address

What’s the number?

In every Community News edition, we print a list of useful telephone numbers:




Utilities (Emergency numbers)

Transport – rail, air, bus, coach




Caged magazine

Geoff Ledden has created an occasional magazine to help relieve the tedium of Coronavirus.
This magazine was prompted by a comment on the new Facebook group ‘Lingfield Coronavirus Help Group’ which anyone in the area can apply to join. A lot of residents have indicated their willingness to help those who are in self-isolation and the group demonstrates fantastic community spirit – well done, folks, a great initiative.

The name ‘Caged’ was chosen because that’s what we all are now to a greater or lesser extent. It is also a nod to the Old Cage in the village where minor felons used to be imprisoned; nowadays we live in a virtual cage! It is intended to be part newsletter, but also to contain articles etc. that might help relieve some of the boredom of being stuck indoors. Geoff welcomes feedback, contributions and ideas .

You can download Caged here:

  1. Caged 01
  2. Caged 02
  3. Caged 03
  4. Caged 04
  5. Caged 05
  6. Caged 06
  7. Caged 07
  8. Caged 08
  9. Caged 09
  10. Caged 10
  11. Caged 11
  12. Caged 12

75 Today - 8th May

VE Day, we find our way to celebrate, with flags, bunting's, music, and food.

The day may bring reflection a sense of peace and pride that brings us together for the purpose of VE day.

On this special day for some of us, it is history, we cannot add to the story, for some we can listen to what others have to say, of 75 years – 8th May; their bravery, commandeering, to comprehend and talk about a time long ago; glad to be here but at a time when they lived in fear. Time for bringing a tear or a thought that you felt, left behind in another time and place.

I hope VE Day, you find your peace in knowing that there are people that have come before us; that have fought and won, although the battle is over for some; it’s a new beginning for others, ‘I Say, reach for blue skies, like a bird on the wing, a free spirit to fly and sing’.

We hear of those passed, we remember those that made it, to tell us of the glory and sometimes the sadness of the be-felled.

We can look to the sky on VE Day, such a beautiful sunny day and see the birds flying and soaring and do remember, 75 years today, at one time, they were fighter planes, as they passed we would ring out a cheer, cheering like the birds chirp today, to see our fighter planes return home to base.

Hearing history, of an infamous German, a WWI fighter pilot - the Red Baron, to gladly say the only baron in site of our parish of Lingfield today; lays an alabaster tomb, set down in the Lady Chapel, in St Peter & St Paul church.

The 1st Baron's heir, Henry De Cobham lead his 3rd crusade to the Middle East with Richard 1st in 1191. Whereupon, experiencing things and places that he never had before, like the men who went to war ‘it was, never before! ‘

Therefore, we sing our praises and salute you, before and now, remembering you to this day, as our brave heroes that saved the day to celebrate 75 years on the 8th May 2020

Tracy Lamb