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Hello again friends, and welcome to this, our Autumn 2019 edition of Community News, bringing you the local news and information you need. Firstly, as always, we need to say a big ‘thank you’ to our readers, advertisers and distributors, as there simply wouldn’t be a Community News without these guys.

As the sun beats down, I’m trying to soak up as many of the rays as possible. Let’s be honest, when we get a hot spell in this country we’re never sure how long it’s going to last (or what to do), so top up tans while the sun shines. Then, a bit later, a) complain about the heat, b) worry about being sunburned, c) get annoyed about having to constantly water your garden. 

Lingfest rocked and rolled

Our very own ‘Party in the Park’ seemingly never fails to deliver a good time to all who attended, and so it was again this year. The music was fantastic, the food superb, and atmosphere as good as it’s ever been. Once again, we send our love and thanks to the organisers of the event, who spend months and months bringing together the event (and the local community!). 

LPC Grant 

As I’m sure all you guys know, Community News is produced on a wholly voluntary basis, with the entire editorial team and distributors providing their services free of charge. We essentially rely on our loyal and very helpful advertisers to cover our printing costs, which they almost always do, and we’re very grateful for them for that. 

So, it was lovely to receive another grant from Lingfield Parish Council, for the princely sum of £800. These types of contributions are a real help to our running costs, and give us a modicum of financial security. So, once again a big ‘thank you’ to LPC. 

Meals on Wheels needs you

Meals on Wheels offers a valuable service to the older residents of Lingfield and the surrounding districts, but it needs more clients to make the system cost effective. If you think you can help, or know or someone who could benefit from the service, please call 07504 481 289 or 01342 843 098.

Parking at the surgery

We’re all aware that parking in and around Lingfield can be a little awkward, and sometimes there seems to be just too many cars for the available space.

The problem seems to be particularly acute at the surgery, where on several occasions recently there have been vehicle collisions in the car park, caused mainly by limited visibility as a result of inconsiderate parking.

The partners at the surgery have asked us to make it clear that the layout of the car park was changed several months ago to protect vulnerable and frail patients. As such, they ask that vehicles are only parked in clearly marked spaces. Parking anywhere else can cause a serious inconvenience. 

We’d like to remind patients that when car parking spaces are full there is three hours of free parking in the Gun Pit Road council car park, located just a three-minute walk away, just behind Boots pharmacy.

Flu jabs: it’s never too early

And staying with the surgery, it’s worth mentioning that it’s never too early to start planning for your winter flu jab. If Balsam Hill can start advertising its (pretty realistic and highly recommended) Christmas trees on July 20th, Lingfield can start its flu protection procedures in the late summer. 

Lingfield Surgery would like to remind all patients aged 65 or over, and other at risk groups, to please book your appointment for your free flu vaccination. Please contact the surgery in late August/early September and it will be happy to book an appointment for you. 

New member of the team

We’re also happy to welcome a new member to our Community News team, Tracy Lamb. She’s already proved herself extremely useful by transcribing several contributions, and we’re happy to welcome her to our little team. 

Join the Gang

Fancy yourself as a bit of a writer? Want to come and join the team and help put together this wonderful little publication? Anything about developments within the local area make you angry or happy? 

Please put pen to paper and tell us about it, as we’re always happy to receive contributions of any sort.

We’d also like to ask if anybody out there would like to help us with Community News’s distribution and delivery? We could certainly use some more deliverers, so if you could spare a few hours every 12 weeks or so, please get in touch.

That just leaves us to say once again a Great Big Thank You to you, our readers, advertisers, contributors, deliverers, friends, and associates. 
Enjoy that late summer sun, and we’ll see you guys again in November. 

The Community News Team

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