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Hello again friends, and welcome to this, our Winter 2017/2018 edition of Community News. Obviously, everyone here at CN hopes you all had a great end to the summer, and are enjoying this pretty balmy autumn – my office window is wide open as I write these words in the wee small hours of the morning. 

Once again, we must thank our readers, advertisers and distributors, without whom there would simply be no CN. We appreciate the support you guys give us, and we’ll keep trying to bring you the local news and information you need and want. 

It hardly seems right to start talking about Christmas now, but it’s approaching faster than you think – just nine weeks away by my estimation. And, the clever repackaging of treats and goodies (now coloured red, with a discretely placed stag, but no actual Christmas motifs) is well under way. 

We’ve listed quite a few Christmas events in this issue – not to mention Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night – so you can start making plans for visits, shopping sprees, family get-togethers, office festive parties, or just fun days out. But whatever you’re planning to do, please be safe and secure. 

Tesco Express for Lingfield? 
Speaking of Christmas treats, there may be another place to buy them soon, as final planning approval has now been given for the redevelopment of the Old Cage Public House, with our understanding being that a large retailer will open a store. One wonders whether Tesco will eventually account for £1 in every £8 spend in Lingfield.

The alleyway running alongside the property, providing a shortcut to Vicarage Road, has been closed off for several weeks, and some of the half-finished construction in the garden looks to have been removed. However, there doesn’t appear to be any work taking place within the premises. Watch this space for more information.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Does anybody know what’s happened to the hairdressers Renesmee (formerly Hiz and Hairz)? It seems to be not operating any more, which is a shame considering that not only had it just completed a major renovation, but it was also passing customers and trade to Doodle Dish, situated just next door. A nice case of two local businesses working together. If anybody has any information, please let us know. 

Lingfest Rocked, and Will Rock Again
After such a success with Lingfest 2017, its committee has already begun planning for a rocking, one-day music festival on 14th July next year. We can’t wait for the community to come together again. Watch this space for more information.

Village Pond
Our village pond is a truly lovely place to sit and relax, and the ducks who make their home there (for some of the year at least) are very welcome visitors. However, please don’t feed them bread. It’s not good for them, not part of their natural diet, and uneaten bread degrades the quality of the water. 

Station Access
The issue of wheelchair and baby buggy access at Lingfield Station is still rumbling on, with little movement on either a re-opening of the crossing at the south end of the station, or the installation of a lift near the ticket office.

However, basic plans for a new footbridge – which would allow the reopening of the footpath – have now been submitted by Network Rail. Quite how building another footbridge will help those in wheelchairs, or unsteady on their feet, has not been made clear. We think we’ll have a little more to say about this next year. 

Local Plan Consultation
Tandridge’s Local Plan Consultation period has now ended and the collection and analysis of the data is about to start. Let’s hope that any housing proposals are also accompanied by a plan to increase and improve infrastructure. 

An infusion of new arrivals is not necessarily a bad thing, but we need to ask questions such as “How will they fit on already crowded trains?”, or “Where will their kids go to school?”, or even “Where will they park their cars?” In fact, Lingfield Parish Council has already made it clear that it opposes the idea of a so-called ‘Garden Village’ in any of the local areas suggested. 

Vicarage Road Disruption
Thankfully, the gas pipe repair works on Vicarage Road have now been completed, bringing some blessed relief to both residents and parents dropping off children at Lingfield Primary School. The engineers carrying out the work were very helpful and informative throughout the process, and enjoyed the tea and coffee being supplied to them by local residents (well, they certainly never made any complaints to me). 

Remembrance Day
The High Street and Plaistow Street will be closed between 10.30am and 11.45am on Sunday 12th November to allow people to congregate around the war memorial for the Remembrance Day service.  

Join the Gang
Fancy yourself as a bit of a writer? Want to come and join the CN team and help put together this wonderful little publication? Anything about developments within the local area make you angry or happy? Please put pen to paper and tell us about it, as we’re always happy to receive contributions of any sort.

We’d also like to ask if anybody out there would like to help us with CN’s distribution and delivery? We could certainly use some more deliverers, so if you could spare a few hours every 12 weeks or so, please get in touch. 

So, that just leaves us, the CN team, to say once again a Great Big Thank You to you, our readers, advertisers, contributors, deliverers, friends, and associates. We couldn’t (and probably wouldn’t) do it without you. 

So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. See you in 2018! 

The Community News team

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