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Hello again friends, and welcome to this, our Summer 2019 edition of Community News, bringing you the local news and information. Firstly, we need to say a big ‘thank you’ to our readers, advertisers and distributors, as there simply wouldn’t be a CN without these guys. 

Well, it looks like spring has finally sprung. Bulbs in full bloom, a first cut of the grass last week, and most of the window sills in my house occupied with small plant pots. Not much showing just yet, but then horticulture is never about the quick return. 

All we need now is some actual heat to match the sunlight. We still have jumper and jacket temperatures, despite what the view from your window might indicate. Having said that, what are the chances I’ll be complaining about the heat in Autumn’s editorial! 

By the time you read this, the Easter festivities will be over, and we hope you enjoyed them, no matter how you chose to celebrate. There’s normally lots going on around the village, both traditional and modern, and always a lot for the kids to do. Just one gripe – maybe the powers that be could set a fixed date for Good Friday! 

Lingfest Coming Fast 

Lingfest – our party in the park – is a very special one day event for Lingfield locals of all ages to enjoy with their friends and families. 

This very special community event for local residents to enjoy returns to Lingfield on Saturday, 13th July, noon to 10:30pm, with six live music acts on the main stage. Lingfest is FREE for kids, with adult tickets from £5 (Early Bird tickets available until 31st May) for over ten hours of live music and entertainment. 

Tickets purchased after that date will cost £7.50 per adult, and anyone who leaves it to the day itself to make a purchase will pay £10 on the door per adult, subject to availability. Come along and join the fun and support this wonderful community event.

Road Fatality

We’re sorry to report another road death in Lingfield. Cyclist Simon Purcell was killed in an apparent ‘hit and run’ incident on Lingfield Common Road in late February. According to local media reports, an inquest into his death has not yet been opened. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. 

This incident follows the death of local resident and biker Philip McClean, who died in a collision in Lingfield in September last year.

Tesco’s Up and Running 

So, we finally have our Tesco supermarket, and a welcome addition to the village’s shopping experience it is. We hoped it would appear before the next issue of CN (I was sceptical, if I’m being totally honest), but one bright morning there it was. 

The parking and traffic situation doesn’t seem to be as bad as local residents first thought, and the addition of a wheelchair ramp at the entrance is a nice touch. 

Town Twinning

A recent visit by local resident Marie Murray and parish councillor Andrea Watson to Plaisance-du-Touch, our town twin, was a huge success. Lingfield is among the 2,000 municipalities in the UK twinned with mainly European towns, and Plaisance itself is twinned with Utebo in Spain and Carnate in Italy. 

Lingfield has had a 40 year association with the small French town, but visits and contact had started to diminish in recent years. Hence, the decision was made to once again reach out the hand of friendship to our French friends. Read more about it in this issue. 

Janet Bateson Tribute 

We’ve also included a tribute to a recently passed respected local historian, Janet Bateson. Janet was “tireless in pursuit of knowledge about local history”, and was one of the first members of the RH7 History Society. She also organised and contributed to numerous local history exhibitions held in the Lingfield & Dormansland Community Centre. 

She provided support for the Surrey Records Office and was author of ‘Around Lingfield at War: Wartime Experiences in South-East England 1939-1945’. She’ll be greatly missed by all who knew her. 

Join the Gang

Fancy yourself as a bit of a writer? Want to come and join the CN team and help put together this wonderful little publication? Anything about developments within the local area make you angry or happy?

Please put pen to paper and tell us about it, as we’re always happy to receive contributions of any sort.

We’d also like to ask if anybody out there would like to help us with CN’s distribution and delivery? We could certainly use some more deliverers, so if you could spare a few hours every 12 weeks or so, please get in touch. 

That just leaves us, the CN team, to say once again a Great Big Thank You to you, our readers, advertisers, contributors, deliverers, friends, and associates. Sit tight, wait for the warmth to arrive, and we’ll see you guys in August. 

The Community News Team

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