Lingfield and Area Community News Editorial

Hello again friends, and welcome to this, our Autumn 2017 edition of Community News. It goes without saying that everyone here at CN hopes you guys are having a great summer, and long may it continue (well, we should be able to squeeze out at least a couple more weeks!). As ever, we’d like to start with a big ‘thank you’ to our readers, advertisers and distributors, without whom there would be no CN. We really, really appreciate the support you guys give us, and we’ll keep trying to do our best to bring you the local news and information you need and want. 

Parish Council Grant
The team here at CN were delighted to hear – just a few days before publication – that Lingfield Parish Council had awarded us a grant of £800 towards the running costs of the publication. We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to all those involved in the decision, it really is a very generous act.

“You run a wonderful service for our village and we are happy to make a contribution,” said a council representative immediately after the award. Well, they’re very kind words, and we do try our best. 
We rely on advertising to cover our printing costs, something we’ve struggled to do in recent months. So, while we make plans to rectify the matter, a cash injection such as this can take away at least some of the pressure. Once again, thank you. 

Lingfest Rocked! 
We won’t say too much about Lingfest here (we have a full review pages 32 and 33), but I think I can say – without much fear of contradiction – that all our high expectations were met! What a day (and evening of course), and what a fantastically positive response from the local community.

Welcome New Shops
It’s been great to see two new retail premises open up in Lingfield in the last few weeks. Lingfield resident Lisa Carey has opened Doodle Dish, a ceramic painting studio, operating just off the High Street, and is planning several creative workshops. All the best Lisa. 

Meanwhile, the Ohmbase vaping store has been opened by Hannah Wort, on the former site of the Cage Barbers. Hannah is planning a few ‘building workshops’ for vapers who would like to learn more about how to build a custom device. 
She chose Lingfield because it’s a “pleasant and busy little community with lots going on, and just a nice place to be”. We couldn’t agree more Hannah, and good luck with your new business venture. 

Local Housing Needs
There still seems to be confusion over just how many new houses Tandridge will need over the next few years, judging by the release of a local authority draft report. Perhaps a bigger, longer-term issue is the infrastructure required to sit alongside these new dwellings. 
For example, where will the newcomers get medical attention? Where will their children go to school? If they’re working in London, how will they get there on trains which have trouble coping with the numbers who already use them? No doubt there will be some answers in the forthcoming Local Plan, but it seems as though a more holistic approach is required.  

So, Farewell Then Barry Unsted
We do have some sad news to give you, namely the passing of one of our most loyal deliverers, Barry Unsted. Barry, a resident of Mount Pleasant Road, had been faithfully handing out copies of CN (with the help of his wife, Gina) since the 1980s. 

Together they delivered 160 copies each quarter to Mount Pleasant Road, and New Farthingdale, Dormansland. Barry will be sorely missed, and we’d like to make it clear his hard work and dedication over several decades did not go unnoticed. 

In fact, now is probably a very good time for us, the staff who bring CN together every three months, to show our gratitude to the people who do the legwork, quite literally. Our efforts would be for nothing without the small army of local residents who pound the pavements (and grass verges) making sure our little publication reaches as many people as possible. 

Come and join the gang
Fancy yourself as a bit of a writer? Want to come and join the CN team and help put together this wonderful little publication? Anything about developments within the local area make you angry or happy? Please put pen to paper and tell us about it, as we’re always happy to receive contributions of any sort.

So, it just remains for us, the team here at CN, to wish you, our friends, colleagues, associates, and family, a great late summer and early autumn! 

Enjoy the read!
The Community News team

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