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Lingfield & Area Community News is a non-profit making, free newspaper, which has been going since 1976. Now published 4 times a year, it is distributed to every household in Lingfield, Crowhurst, Dormansland, Dormans Park, Felcourt and parts of Newchapel, Haxted, Horne and Baldwins Hill - in total over 4200 copies. It carries local news, articles, reports from organisations and letters, bringing an enthusiastic response from many of our readers. Lingfield and Area Community News is able to do all this because of advertising revenue, donations and grants, but most of all because of the voluntary work carried out by a large team of people from our community.


Hello again friends, and welcome to this, our Autumn 2018 edition of Community News, bringing you the local news and information you need and want.

At the risk of starting this piece with a really obvious point – what about this weather then, eh? Don’t get me wrong, I do love a bit of sun (‘a bit’ is the important part of that sentence) but with a hosepipe ban looming, lawns turning yellow, and reservoir levels falling, we really, really need a few days of torrential rain. This maybe wasn’t the best time for me to buy a new lawn!

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The next edition of the Lingfield & Area Community News is #209, the Winter issue covering November and December 2018, and January 2019.

Contributions for that issue should be mailed to reach us not later than Friday 5 October 2018 please.

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